Nazca Lines activatedChichen Itzá activatedEaster Island activatedEgyptian Pyramids activatedStonehenge activated

At last the time has come to link all the energy points into one and give Earth a safe passage.

To achieve this, you will have to go out into space. With that privileged view of the total trip and without stopping looking at each point of energy that you have flown over, you will find the ritual phrase that will save the Earth.

Don’t forget that the world can only be saved if we are aware of how we got here, if we are able to stop to watch and if we are together, because the more eyes look, the more likely it’s to find the solution.

And remember that sometimes when you need to see what the naked eye can’t, stop and use the “,” and “.” keys. It can be quite useful.


Do you already have the ritual phrase that will save the world?
Enter it with spaces, as you would usually write it.