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Like the pyramids of Chichen Itza, the Egyptian pyramids looked to the sky to be built. Or maybe someone saw them from there? You, Wonders, know the answer.

Although it’s not entirely accurate, in ancient Egypt they weren’t misguided. The Egyptians believed that their gods had literally come down from the heavens, from Orion and Sirius, like human beings. Orion was associated with the god Osiris and Sirius with the goddess Isis. Together they created human civilization.

All their secrets and beliefs were captured on the walls of their pyramids. What the humans never knew is that Osiris, Sirius and the Wonders also hid the key to the fourth energy source there to prevent the apocalypse. Your job is to unravel the pyramids and interpret them.


In case you have rusted your interpretation of hieroglyphics, we leave you here a converter.

Download the material to find the solution. Print or trace what you need to activate this fourth point.


What is the secret key that the pyramids hide
and activates the fourth energy point?