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Legend has it that Hau-Maka, the sage and adviser prophet to the king of the Rapanui, had a dream in which the god Make-Make appeared to him. There, he understood where his people had to move in the face of the imminent sinking of Hiva, their homeland.

Upon awakening, Hau-Maka’s spirit returned to his body, which had traveled to the island, and recounted his vision. The Ariki Hotu Matu’a (the king) carried out an expedition with seven vessels. Thus, the arrival on Easter Island and the salvation of the Rapanui took place.

On this journey, Hau-Maka moved east through a series of islands, until reaching an eighth land. There, he toured the island identifying their sites with their names.

For this mission, the individual FBN Discovery cabins will be separated to have a more accurate view of the entire island and you will fly there at different times. Don’t forget to keep communicating. Otherwise, you will not succeed.


Order the story and you will discover the true journey of Hau-Maka and how, behind him and his representations on earth, hides the combination that activates the third point of energy.


What are the numbers in order that activate the third energy point? Answer using numbers.