Nazca Lines activated

The Mayan city of more than 15km2 founded in 525 AD. A sacred enclave full of secrets with the Kukulkan pyramid as its center. A symmetrical pyramid that represents the Mayan calendar: 18 elements (the number of months, of 20 days each), 365 steps (days of the year) and five more that were considered the disastrous days or Uayeb.

The pyramid is also a source of energy that goes from less to more as you climb its steps. To activate it, you need the union of a concept for each Wonder and to reach the top, the high point of the pyramid.

Find your element and, together, you will find a way to activate the second energy point.


These are the concepts that will take you to the Mayan element to which you are attached and contains the maximum energy.


Enter the elements in order, with commas and without spaces following this example: ELEMENT1,ELEMENT2,ELEMENT3,etc.