The end of the world has begun and someone has to stop it

Although we aren’t fully aware, it isn’t the first time, nor will it surely be the last, in which the end of the world begins and then, magically, it continues to exist. It already happened with the extinction of the dinosaurs, the 2000 effect, the birth of the antichrist in 2006, the Mayan 2012, the Ragnarok of 2014 … Closer and closer. And now, it returns with pandemics, armed conflicts, global warming, hunger…

There is only one way to stop it and only they can do it. The world is in the hands of an intergalactic team. A team that is passed from generation to generation with a single mission: to activate the energy points installed in the Earth to allow it to continue shining. They are the Wonders.

But who are they? What are those points? And the most important, how are they activated?

Do you have your pass to start the mission?